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(Net proceeds go to Women’s Empowerment Fund for Uganda)

Get Ready to Unleash the Formula to Increase Your Influence, Impact and Income!

The last 3 years have been the most disruptive, derailing and disheartening times in history, yet it has also brought about the biggest opportunity but without the blueprint for how to capitalize on it, it has brought about overwhelm and frustration.  

Without a formula that directs every step you are…

  • leaving money on the table
  • remaining distracted and unsure of what to do next
  • jumping from opportunity to opportunity to find what fits you
  • wasting your precious time
  • living a life where you become a slave to your business
  • unable to afford to live this way

    Which is why I’m cramming 5 years of proven results into 1 day! 

You’ll be Helping Yourself AND Supporting the Women’s Global Empowerment Fund for Uganda Girls and Women

You’ll Learn A Completely New, Leveraged Way
To Align, Market & Deliver Your Expertise

Over the last  30 years, I have taught thousands of experts across a wide range of industries a better way to generate revenue.

The key is to limit the time you spend providing services one-on-one, and shift to one-to-many. This has a few benefits:

  • Your time is leveraged, as you are providing services to many clients at once 
  • You market the services via webinar or live event. As a speaker you are automatically seen as an authority, and acquire celebrity status in your niche 
  • As an authority or celebrity you’re in higher demand
  • You move toward a freedom-lifestyle business model  
  • You’re able to #ReachMillions with your message like never before.

So – how do you make this work?

I’ll share with you my exact formula at this upcoming live virtual event.

Here’s What You’ll Learn At This Powerful Event How To…

You’ll know how to successfully identify the market that wants what you have and eagerly buys it.

Then where to find them so sales are simpler and the speed of conversion faster.








Discover the secrets to getting new clients to say yes easily and effortlessly no matter how high your price point, is so you can bring in consistent cash flow and achieve your freedom lifestyle.

I’ll reveal the product creation formula that creates your first 6 figures and then lets you grow and expand your offerings while you sleep.

The 6 Figure Focus Formula was created through years of development, testing, proof and success by myself and then clients.

By following this 5-phase step-by-step formula it can take you from zero to 6 figures and beyond in months versus years.


You will be shown the top 7 marketing methods that are working, converting, and will start the immediate success of your course launch. The best part is it’s easy, and you aren’t looking for hundreds, we just need 10 people and that will change everything.

Once you finish this step, the $100k formula is ready to go into action.

Each of the topics is critical to your learning, as they build on each other, giving you the foundation, confidence, momentum and reach you need to take yourself to the next level. In addition, I will be showing you the 6 Figure Focus formula that you can apply right away.

You Can Create Your Offer and Launch in Just 7 Days!

This Event is For You If You Need to Know How To…

  • Attract New Clients that pay you what you’re worth
  • Master Social Media you need in minutes
  • Accelerate Your Profits and Receive the Financial Freedom You Dream About
  • Use Marketing Techniques That Work Today
  • Have prospects Begging to Buy
  • Take Your Next Step to Double Your Income
  • Create a Step-by-Step Action Plan to Keep You Moving Forward

Finally Get the Speed and Results You Need to Launch!

Here Are Some Of The Success Strategies You’ll Learn. How to…

  • Identify and Find Your Ideal Tribe that Wants What You Have.
  • Identify The Pieces You Need and How It All Works Together.
  • Know What To Do, When To Do It, What To Say, Where.
  • Stay Focused on 6 Figures and beyond.
  • Create a Cash Flow From Every Angle.
  • Be Seen Everywhere And Cash In On Your MOJO.


  • Before & After Real-Life Examples on How to Instantly Get Results
  • The 5 Phases of the Focus Formula To Follow

It’s time to start creating income on demand and on autopilot.

  • Freedom to do what you want, when you want, where you want.
  • Be able to get your message to millions so you can fulfill your destiny.
  • Making the money you need for yourself, family, friends and philanthropy.
  • Feeling proud, as you give yourself and your family the life they deserve.
  • You are changing lives, transforming results, creating success for self and others.
  • You create a legacy that lasts beyond this lifetime.

Join People like Chelsea Who Made over $28,972 in

60 Minutes From What I Taught Her…

“I made $28,972 in 60 Minutes… Tracy Repchuk is My Fairy God Mother!”

Past Attendee Results….

Gloria Keith

“I’ve been a real estate for 10 years, and coaching for 15 years. These 3 days have given me the details I need to put into place. These are steps that I can actually put in my business.”

Lynne Herrod

“The greatest takeaway has been creating the message that I’ve been wanting to put out there and she just laid it all out. I have been to a lot of workshops and this is the first workshop I have gotten practical, real, tools in so much detail that I can apply. She is real.”

Leeann Jeniches

“Just today I have learned more today than I have in a week at other events, and it was simple and easy to understand with step by step instructions. I now have a new best friend in Tracy Repchuk”

Canon Wing

“She presents it in a step by step foundation that is simple to follow, works and has an impact on my bottom line.”

As Seen On

Carrie Sharpshair

“I got strategies that were quick and easy to implement. If you’re stuck, or are ready for an infusion of new techniques, this is the event for you.”

Michele Camacho

“It was incredibly packed with information with purpose and intention and the order to do things and you can you ask her ANY question about your business and she’ll give you clarity.”

Trina Robinson Kimmy

“I’m actually crying right now because I’m having a life changing experience here. What I learned today has transformed my mindset, my focus and my goals.”

Sam Rafoss

“it’s content rich and the best event I’ve ever gone to.”

Get What You Need in an Easy to Follow Blueprint!

Tamra Meskimen

“I was dreading coming and I cannot tell you how fun and engaging Tracy made and now I’m excited and now want to dive in and create great results for my business.”

After running hundreds of events in 11 countries, speaking on stages in 39 countries, and having been a pioneer online since 1994 — I am about to show you the 4 proven steps to creating a successful event of hungry buyers that want what you have.

Kristen Henry King

“Tracy is caring, loyal, and I want to be her. That’s where I want to be, even if I just had 10% of the person she is I would be so happy.”

Donya Fahme

“It’s hard to be in a room with Tracy without being totally inspired and excited, plus she adds the missing piece of how you get things done.”

The Top Reasons You Need to Attend!

1. Focus – consume and get the information you need for your EXACT next step.

2. Working ON your business –  receive the strategic overview you need.

3. Reinvigorated and Refueled – totally ready to put on your next event. 

4. Mindset – a positive new mindset can lead to new and better results.

5. Proven Blueprint – so you can just follow and get the results you are looking for.

Listen To What Others Had To Say About Business Online Mastery

MarBeth Dunn

“Tracy has over delivered. She is an amazing fountain of wealth and information and she gives and gives and gives.”

Grace Lee

“I met Tracy and my whole life changed. I was running around like a crazy person and she can help you when you’re feeling lost and she makes you feel comfortable about where you’re going and how to get there”

Gurutej Kuar

“It’s so apparent she wants everyone to succeed and she has the capacity and the tools to make that happen.”

Susie Garcia

“Practical information that you can do. It’s a great conference and I can’t wait for the next one.”

Suzi Nelsen

“Her knowledge and her heart to get your mission out just touches me.”

Susie Garcia

“Practical information that you can do. It’s a great conference and I can’t wait for the next one.”

Mary Stevenson

“She knows her stuff, how to inspire you, support you and walk on your journey with you to success.”

Why Is This Event Such a Low Cost?

And I assume what people really mean is “What’s the catch? Is it just going to be a pitch-fest?”

Well, I am the only speaker and will be focused on educating you and I guarantee I won’t be hard-selling you!

There are actually a few reasons I decided to go this route.



I believe in “walking the talk” – I give you a lot of valuable information which is a great way to start a relationship.


I treat people the way I like to be treated. I don’t like to feel manipulated or “sold to”. I prefer to get to know people first, and see if they are the “real deal” before committing to something big. I assume you feel the same way.


I don’t believe in showing you just enough to tease you, and then asking you to pay to get the real stuff. What I really love is events that are not just the “tease”, but the real nuts and bolts. Enough information to implement and get results straight away.


I know that if you get great value from the event, and you like what you see, you may be interested in continuing to work with me after the event. That’s it.


If you don’t choose to work with me, that’s OK too. You will still have gotten lots of valuable information that you can apply on your own.


And I will have hopefully made a difference in your life, and we will have begun a great relationship.


Also, if you had a great experience (whether or not you choose to work with me) I’m hoping you will tell others about it as I am definitely doing another one soon.


A lot of my business grows by word of mouth. I find that if you feel your time with me was well spent, this will be a great way to grow a long term, sustainable business by over-delivering.(Hence I've now been in business over 38 years)


Tracy Repchuk is a Trusted TV Resource

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